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It goes without saying, whether you are at home, at the office, or involved with any type of industry, you need power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Vons Electric knows that electrical emergencies don’t check the clock to see if it’s convenient. Whether it’s a weekend or outside our regular business hours, if you face an electrical emergency, call Vons Electric – we are ready to do what needs to be done.

Call Us Now

Call Vons if you’re not sure! 630.377.VONS (8667)

We know you’ll use your best judgment. If it feels like an emergency to you, it probably is. Our goal is safe and satisfied long term customers, helping you avoid emergency call out rates whenever possible, but ensuring you have 24 hour electrical emergency service when you do need it.

When do I call my local power supplier instead of Vons?

As a rule of thumb, your power supply company handles issues from their lines up to your meter. Vons can handle any electrical emergency that has to do with the power from your meter, within and through your home or other premises.


Fire - call 911

outside your premises - call your power supplier.

'Within your structure' - call Vons, anytime.

What Constitutes an emergency?

  • Power to any vital pieces of machinery or system is lost and you cannot restore it yourself or don't know how.
  • Power required for running your business or for keeping you & others safe or healthy, is lost and you cannot restore it yourself or don't know how.
  • You smell something 'funny' (of an electrical/hot metal smell) see major sparks or hear a fizzing/sizzling sound when you use an outlet
  • Other situations when something you need immediately won't work e.g. your whole house generator won’t switch on or power to your garage door has failed.
  • Any time you're concerned, it feels like an emergency to you and you think Vons can help.