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Commercial Services Overview


It doesn’t matter if you have a commercial kitchen or gym, a nursery for plants or children, a retail or repair shop, it’s your investment, and you want any service you purchase to be as trustworthy as the service you provide. Vons can handle the electrical service needs of any business or commercial facility.

Whether you want us to wire in an alarm system, install a Kohler generator or a safer electrical panel, or to redesign the lighting of your business’ work space or public place for greater energy efficiency and optimization. We’re a Fox Valley business, too, so we’re with you on this.

Maintenance, Upgrade & Repair


You know in any business, efficiency, safety and security is an on-going responsibility. Maybe you’ve protected yours with a Kohler generator and then protected your employees and customers with parking lot and path lighting.

Now, consider letting Vons organize annual visits to keep these and any other electrical systems in your business or facility up to date and in good, safe, working order. Many businesses start with an overall safety inspection (see the 2nd half of our TIPS section) and a consultation that focuses on ways to improve costs and energy-efficiency. 



From wiring, cabling and ceiling fans, to dimmers, jacks and dryer outlets.  If you want lights installed on a driveway, pier, or piece of art; need wiring done overhead, underfoot, or in your walls; or you’ve decided to get photo sensors in your stock yard or court yard, call Vons Electric.

Remember, all labor and materials supplied by Vons have a full one year warranty.