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Industrial Services Overview


Among other things, Fox Valley industries rely on quality electrical services to keep them functioning and efficient. Vons Electric knows how critical it is to be available and capable while always conducting business with integrity and professionalism.

Meeting the needs of industries can require specialized equipment, products, and skills. From our earliest years, industry leaders in the area have recognized Vons commitment to their success through our team of licensed, bonded and insured electricians, our exemplary warehouse, and the equipment we own and maintain to do the work you need when you need it done.

Maintenance, Upgrade & Repair


Do you need to increase amperage? Correct a violation of code compliance? Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the lighting in your high bay or your packing floor? You invest in any number of electrical and other systems, not only to protect your premises, your employees, and your products or services, but also to keep your business running and moving ahead.

At Vons we are committed to future proofing your business by future proofing ours - keeping our skills and products cutting edge and relevant to you, our customers. Talk to us about setting up annual maintenance and repair reviews and identifying any ways we might help your business be more energy efficient and cost effective.



Want to wire a security system into your new warehouse? Are you unhappy with the lighting in your parking lot or loading bay? Or do you need a fork lift charging station installed? Not only is Vons experienced in all this and much more, we have our own scissor lift, boom truck and scaffolding; all available with no extra surcharge if required for your job.

Remember, all labor and materials supplied by Vons have a full one year warranty.