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"It's all about the customer. That's the only way to look at it. If the customer is happy, everything will fall into place.”

- Vaughn & Susan Hazen, Owners

Welcome to Vons Electric

It was our customers that honored Vons Electric by voting us THE Best of the Fox in 2012, one of the Best of the Fox in 2013 and THE Best of the Fox in 2014 - and we're not about to forget that! We know that trust is earned and word of mouth referrals are the best source of business.


At each and every visit, we behave like invited guests - hoping to be spoken warmly of and welcomed back again one day. What that looks like, beyond providing top quality electrical service and products, is respecting your home or business as if it is our own. When we arrive you'll know its Vons by our spanking clean, branded trucks and clothing and by our courtesy and professionalism. Our team will always protect spaces that need it by using tarps and wearing disposable booties. In fact, we aim to leave your place cleaner than when we arrived!


How it all came together...

If it sounds like Vons Electric is a dream come true, that's because it truly is. In 2005, Vaughn Hazen followed his lifelong dream of starting his own electrical company - and so Vons was born. By then, Vaughn had worked with three different electric contractors and had 23 years' experience under his belt. With a service-oriented philosophy right from the start, he attracted a loyal customer following and a reputation of being thorough, efficient and trustworthy. Vaughn grew his one-man, start up business to a fully staffed electrical services and supply company in just three years' time, while retaining his customer-first philosophy right up to today.

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