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Emergency Electrical Services

Vons is here when you
need us the most


From indoor and outdoor lighting, to under cabinet and feature lighting, we can help you see your home - or home office - in a whole new light. Working in partnership with your vision and imagination, Vons offers the advice and expertise you need to not only cast out shadows but to also bring every space in your kitchen, office, or workshop up to its full and efficient potential.

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Emergency On-Call 24/7

electrician worker detecting and fixing

Rely on Vons for...

24 Hour Emergency Service


What constitutes an emergency? We presume given you’re reading this, there isn’t one happening now. If there is, jump to the list below! 

  • Power to any vital piece/s of machinery or system is lost and you cannot restore it yourself or don’t know how.

  • Power required for running your business or for keeping you & others safe or healthy, is lost and you cannot restore it yourself or don’t know how.

  • You smell something ‘funny’ (of an electrical/hot metal smell) see major sparks or hear a fizzing/sizzling sound when you use an outlet.

  • Other situations when something you need immediately won’t work e.g. your Kohler generator has stopped or power to your garage door has failed.

  • Any time you’re very concerned / it feels like an emergency to you, and you think Vons can help.

We know you’ll use your best judgment. If it feels like an emergency to you, it probably is. Our goal is safe and satisfied long term customers, helping you avoid emergency call out rates whenever possible, but ensuring you have 24 hour electrical emergency service when you do need it.

Call Vons if you’re not sure! 630.377.VONS (8667)


There’s no charge for emergency advice!

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