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Vons Products

Residential & Commercial Electrical Products & Accessories


If it’s an electrical product or accessory you need, Vons will supply it – or we will find it!  We keep more at our St. Charles warehouse than some supply houses do. So we can usually pull what we need right from the well-stocked trucks we send to your job, or from our own warehouse shelves. Failing that we will turn to our local supply house or go further afield if necessary. 

Ceiling Fans & Dryer Outlets


Supply & Install

Whether you find it or Von’s supplies it, we can install the simple and the mundane to make your life so much more comfortable - often in beautiful ways. We’d be happy to consult with you in advance of your purchase to be sure the product is right for your space and will perform the way you expect.

Electrical Needs



Do you want oodles more outlets installed at your home or business? Need a few of those GFCI sort? Von’s can do that as well as supplying any outlet covers in the configurations and colors you need

Electrical Panel & Circuit Breakers -Whether you are involved in new construction, renovating, or simply replacing one that’s been water damaged, Von’s can supply, inspect and install electrical panels and circuit breakers.  

Wiring & Cabling

Von’s Electric can provide the wiring and cabling you need whether you are after single phase or three phase wiring, CAT 5 cabling or something else completely. Talk to Von’s licensed electrician’s for supply, repair and installation whether it’s for a factory, your home, business, or even wiring a light into your children’s play house in the yard.  

Indoor Lighting Products & Accessories


Under Cabinet Lighting
Make every work space work their hardest and shine their most beautiful. For task lighting or for casting a soft glow, under cabinet lighting is a convenient, low energy solution.  Von’s offers a range of options including rope lighting, fluorescent, and halogen or xenon lights. 

Can Lights
It is vital when choosing recessed or can lights to determine whether they are likely to come into contact with ceiling insulation and to ensure you have the right type of housing to avoid any fire hazard. Von’s licensed electricians are experts in installing can lights and will be more than happy to help you choose the electrical housing, style and size right for your space and requirements.

Spot Lights
As much for beauty and practicality as for security, spot lights are perfect for calling attention to an item, a place, or a hazard; use them for risk reduction as well as to highlight and enhance.

High Bay Lights & Fixtures
Ideal for those commercial and industrial spaces where ceilings are 20’ high or more and where high efficiency and uniform light distribution is important.  Von’s supplies the latest metal halide and LED options available. Talk to us for solutions if you have problems with hot-spot glare and uneven illumination.

Metal-halide lamps & ballasts
For a high intensity light. About 24% of the energy used by metal-halide lamps produces light, making them substantially more efficient than incandescent bulbs. 

Self-ballasted Metal-halide Lamps
Connected directly to the mains power, these lamps do not require external ballast.

Outdoor Lighting Products & Accessories

Low Voltage Path Lighting
Help visitors, employees or customers make their way to your door safely at night or in low light conditions; low voltage path lighting does the job beautifully, yet uses very little energy.

High Pressure Sodium Lamps & Ballasts
Used for parking lots, outdoor security, and other outdoor lighting applications. Von’s also has the heavy equipment needed for getting to your high and hard to reach lights, whether it’s for installation or maintenance  – and for no extra charge.

Sensors & Timers
Reassure employees or family members coming in after dark; photo cell sensor lights and timers keep doorways safely lit at night. They also save power and money by only using lights when and if they are needed.  For one less thing to think about, Von’s electricians can install timers for your landscape and holiday lights as well.

Garage Door Keypads & Fobs
Never have to climb out of your car into the rain or negotiate icy driveways to get to a garage door that only opens some times. Von’s will do the job right the first time so you can simply drive in safely every time. 




Certified Installer
Von’s is a certified installer of Kohler generators for the home or small business. Expert and efficient with all that’s required from sizing and installation to repair or annual maintenance, Von’s also supplies a complete line of Kohler generators - up to 150kw size. Don’t worry about any of the paperwork involved either, we can handle all the local permits and ordinances.

Home Generators

Your Kohler home generator runs on propane or natural gas so there’s no refueling to worry about, yet it keeps your whole house powered even during an outage, no matter if you’re home or away (or your teenagers are looking after the younger kids!) at the time the power goes out.

Commercial Generators

Commercial generators are installed outside your premises (similar to an AC unit) and will come on automatically, within seconds of a power outage, whether your business is open or not. No need to worry about gaps in productivity or security, the risk of losing customers, or having temperature-sensitive product/s spoil. Plus, there’s no need to bother with refueling as these generators run on propane or natural gas.

Office & Communications

  • Cat5 computer cabling

  • Phone Jacks



Sensors & Timers

Sensors & timers to keep entrances and garages safely lit or to bring on interior lights and heating/cooling systems when they are needed; save power, save money and ‘look occupied’ to deter unwanted attention when you’re away from your home or business.


Driveway and outdoor path lighting for easing the way on foot or by car; many efficient and low energy options are available. Describe what you need and Von’s can supply it.

Hazard Lighting

Hazard and obstacle lighting inside and outside your home or business; reduce risk and keep your loved ones, employees, and customers safe.

Ceiling Fans & Dryer Outlets
Elecgtrical Needs
Office & Communications
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